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Heather Lujano


Heather Lujano is a professional artist working in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Heather loved all things creative and was regularly inspired by the Catalina Mountains, cactus and desert landscape that she spent many days drawing or painting.

As she has grown and moved to various places in the US, she has pursued a number of different avenues of creation. From designing dried flower shadowboxes for a leader in the industry to writing and designing important government websites.

After moving to Colorado in 2016 with her husband and young son, she couldn't take the urge to paint full time any longer. She quit her Software Development career and created Hedars Art Studio. 

Moving back and forth across the country has fueled her urge to paint as the national landscapes and colors are what inspire nearly every abstract piece.

Protrait of Heather with artwork
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