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Creating art with Art Resin

Creating art with resin, is highly rewarding. There is just something so satisfying about that glass like finish and shine. The way the colors can swirl and blend together to create a dreamlike piece is really what gets me every time I get to go into my studio to check on one of my cured babies.

There are a few things that are needed to produce a stunning piece of work. Of course imagination is the first but quality products is really what can make a piece look stunning versus just "meh". There a lots of brands of resin out there and some have different focuses. I find that for creating quality artwork that could last long term, Art Resin is my resin of choice.

When I create art, I imagine it in a gallery somewhere decades and centuries down the road. That may be wishful thinking, but I do want at least, my work to last a lifetime in peoples homes. In my opinion art resin is the best product to achieve that.

It has been certified as non-toxic when used correctly. It also uses museum conservation quality materials to ensure its clear glass like quality for a very long time. My favorite is its UV stabilizers which help the colors stay true to form and prevent yellowing and discoloration so that the colors I created the piece with, stay that way.


I absolutely use heat, because of this I use a respirator. This is important for health and safety. Even though Art Resin is certified as non toxic, I add other additives to the resin which have varying reactions when heat is applied. This is how I get some of my cool effects!

So I have a heat gun and a torch. Both achieve different things. But by applying heat it lowers the surface tension of the resin and allows most air bubbles trapped in the resin to escape.

You can use simply acrylic paints to color your resin, but I also like to use dye, solvents, ink, alcohol, pigment and gilding. I won't specify how (Hey, an artist has to keep some things secret!).

I also use palate knives, sticks, toothpicks and gloved fingers to manipulate the resin for the desired look. On lucky days my clothes or hair get involved, those are my least favorite days, lol.

To finish, I just love Resin Art, I am so happy that I discovered this medium. I seem to have endless ideas and desires when I am working with this medium. A big part of this love comes from my use of the Art Resin product. Knowing that I have a high quality, consistent resin at my finger tips takes a lot of stress out of what can be at times an intense process. You should give it a try.

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